These Hands – An Introduction

  • These Hands – An Introduction

    These Hands is an idea that’s been in my head for a while. It stems back to years ago when I was doing some documentary photography work for the Sligo Arts and I was in a care home. There was a lady there that didn’t really want to join in with anything, but then one……

  • These Hands – The Baker

    There is nothing in the world I love more than the feel of flour running through my fingertips knowing the end result will be a lovely loaf of soda bread for someone to enjoy.

  • These Hands – The Radio Presenter

    These hands belong to a popular radio presenter in the North West of Ireland, they play your favourite songs and requests, they also love a good laugh.

  • These Hands – The Digital Artist

    These hands are happiest and most at ease when they are creating digital artwork which can transpire intuitively at times. They are also very happy when taking my furbaby for walks.

  • These Hands – The Comedian

    These hands started life in Belcoo, they have moved to different parts of the world, and are now living in Sligo. These hands are still attached to their body.

  • These Hands – The Artist and Healer

    These hands belong to an artist and a healer and my life’s work is to understand and communicate with water. I love it in all its layers, the tiny micro-organisms that live in one drop, the huge oceans and ocean creatures, lakes. rivers, clouds, mist, rain, sleet, hale, icebergs, and glaciers. I live on the……

  • These Hands – Mother’s Earning

    This is a submission from a blog reader in Florida. Submissions are very welcome. Mother’s Earning – A Poem The deep lines of years Increase evermore each day Callous places form from time in toil Creating beauty everyday From daily chore To inspired trial They have worked and cleared the way Spots of age and……

  • These Hands – The Barista

    These hands belong to someone who is up early in the morning, to bring the people of Sligo the coffee that their heart’s desire.

  • These Hands – My Hands

    These hands have expressed multiple emotions, they’ve held the hands of the living and the dying. They’ve wiped away tears and enjoyed celebrations. These hands are creative and love new challenges. These hands belong to someone who can be very outgoing, or incredibly shy, within the space of minutes sometimes. These hands belong to someone……

  • These Hands – The Rescuer

    These Hands rescue sick and injured wildlife, they nurture them back to health and release them back into the wild.

  • These Hands – The Farmer

    These hands have been working on the farm for over 50 years.

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