These Hands – An Introduction

  • These Hands – An Introduction

    These Hands is an idea that’s been in my head for a while. It stems back to years ago when I was doing some documentary photography work for the Sligo Arts and I was in a care home. There was a lady there that didn’t really want to join in with anything, but then one……

  • These Hands – The Teacher

    This post is a special one. I went to Roscommon to meet this person, and they wrote a wonderful piece to go along with their photo. They used a pen belonging to their father, and while I could type the text I think it’s much nicer for you to read the written piece.

  • These Hands – The Stained Glass Artist

    These hands create beautiful suncatchers.Find them at The Courtyard Market, Boyle tomorrow and Strandhill People’s Market on Sunday

  • These Hands – The Young Adult

    These Hands have just turned 18 years old. They belong to a talented singer and actor. They are looking forward to whatever life holds in store for them.

  • These Hands – The Designer and Creator

    These hands create – They draw and paint and cut and fold and make what is in my head come to life.These fingers strum and play and make my instrument sing. It brings me joy to know that what these hands create makes other people smile.

  • These Hands – The Glassblower

    These hands work with molten glass. The sculptural glass work is primarily concerned with expressing and manifesting the universal forces that surround us but are often invisible. Find out more about these hands here:

  • These Hands – The Wellbeing Creator

    These hands are a care giver, a mum of one special human, a survivor, a creator, a friend, a human on a self-care journey and a believer in love. Find out more about what these hands do here:

  • These Hands – The Pharmacist

    These hands belong to a pharmacist who cares deeply about the people she meets on a daily basis. They are battered and dry from using hand sanitizer but are always ready to go the extra mile for those who need help. They have prepared doses of Covid vaccines, counted tablets, applied dressings and checked prescriptions. They……

  • These Hands – The Grandad

    These hands hold the hands of their grandchildren, dig holes in the garden, and make stained glass art works.

  • These Hands – The Florist

    These hands create custom made bespoke flower arrangement designs using the best of what’s fresh and seasonal.

  • These Hands – The Spirtual Person

    These Hands hold a candle that reminds them of the Puja Candle and the symbolism of the ceremony where candles are floated on the river Ganges to pay gratitude and also to remember those who are no longer with us.

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