These Hands – The Teacher

This post is a special one. I went to Roscommon to meet this person, and they wrote a wonderful piece to go along with their photo. They used a pen belonging to their father, and while I could type the text I think it’s much nicer for you to read the written piece.

These Hands – The Artist and Healer

These hands belong to an artist and a healer and my life’s work is to understand and communicate with water. I love it in all its layers, the tiny micro-organisms that live in one drop, the huge oceans and ocean creatures, lakes. rivers, clouds, mist, rain, sleet, hale, icebergs, and glaciers. I live on the North West coast of Ireland and it rains here a lot, mostly pure North Atlantic water, swept up in the storms above Greenland and Iceland.

Find out more about the artist here:

These Hands – Mother’s Earning

This is a submission from a blog reader in Florida. Submissions are very welcome.

Mother’s Earning – A Poem

The deep lines of years
Increase evermore each day
Callous places form from time in toil
Creating beauty everyday From daily chore
To inspired trial
They have worked and cleared the way
Spots of age and fragile skin
Replace what once was strong and sure
Used for love and family’s care
Times cruel trick to play
I only pray
Someday I shall have the hands
My mother has earned along the way

These Hands – My Hands

These hands have expressed multiple emotions, they’ve held the hands of the living and the dying. They’ve wiped away tears and enjoyed celebrations.

These hands are creative and love new challenges. These hands belong to someone who can be very outgoing, or incredibly shy, within the space of minutes sometimes.

These hands belong to someone who is constantly curious and sometimes adventurous. These hands have shaken with anxiety and frozen with nervousness. They have trembled with fear, but they are strong hands, and sometimes they need to remember that.

These hands are becoming wrinkled with age, but inside they are very young. These hands are my hands.

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